Now Stay Like That

At a recent wedding, I had this conversation:

Me: Is my makeup creasing?
My Husband: I don’t know what that means. Nick, what does “creasing” mean?
Nick: Kapeeshing?!
Me: No creasing.
Nick: I don’t know what that means.

When I finally found an answer, it was no. Melting makeup was definitely a concern when you’re at a wedding all day and most likely into the night. I applied my makeup at 8am and didn’t get home until midnight. 16 hours and no creasing! Or Kapeeshing!

The MAC Fix spray is worth every penny. And it’s only $10!

Don’t Under Estimate Your Brows! by Emily Boyd

Don’t underestimate your brows.

Emily Boyd, Emily Boyd Makeup, Makeup Artist, Make up tips, enhance your eyebrows, makeup for eyebrows, shaping your eyebrows, eyebrow powder, brow powderTo pull off a lot of dramatic looks, its important to have your face correctly balanced by your eyebrows. They naturally frame your eyes and just as important as every other makeup step. Plucking, trimming and waxing can be overwhelming. If you’re uncomfortable with finding your shape, get them professionally done. After that, you will be able to maintain your look easily by plucking and slight trimming if necessary.

Make up tips, enhance your eyebrows, makeup for eyebrows, shaping your eyebrows, eyebrow powder, brow powder

A Classic Beauty

You don’t want your brows to be too thin, sparse or look drawn in. I use brow powders and brushes for my every day looks. Get a color close to your hair color but a little lighter. Use an angled brow brush. A little at a time fill in your brows starting in the middle and working your way out. Don’t go outside your natural brow line. They may look a little dark without your eyemakeup completed. Finish your look before correcting at the end. If they still look too severe simply use a brow brush and gently sweep over them until they are toned down. If you accidentally brush outside your browline, correct with a dampened makeup sponge.

Just like a bad hair day, your brows can sometimes be unruly. To quickly and easily correct, try a brow gel. Its like mascara, but clear and for your brows. Use lightly over your brows.

A brow filled in versus a natural brow. Bold eyes need to be balanced and framed by a bold brow.

Look your best!     Feel your best!     Be your best!
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Old Hollywood Revisited! by Emily Boyd

The makeup trend on the red carpet seems to be channeling Old Hollywood: dramatic lashes, bold lips and natural cheeks. This look is easy and one of my favorites.

After foundation and brows, sweep a neutral base over entire lid and brow bone. Using a smooth eye pencil start on top lid and line lashline, moving outward slowly thikening line making bolder from center of lid to outer corner. If the line doesn’t come out as straight as you’d like, use a disposable eyeshadow applicator to smudge line softly making it easy. Then line inner bottom lashline. For a bolder liner, use a liquid liner ontop of pencil just on the lashline. Use a light goldish brown just on the crease of lid blending lightly over lid and stopping before liner. Use a shadow brush and lightly line bottom outer lash line for a light smoky look. Curl lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara, not letting them dry between each coat. 

Emily Boyd, Emily Boyd Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Application, Cosmetic application tips, Makeup Artistry

Classic Hollywood Glam

Red lips complete this look. Pick a red shade that looks good against your skin by either red clothing or going to the paint section in a store and use paint sample cards to find what shade looks best with your skin tone. Red is a daring and tricky color to perfect. Start light and go bolder if needed. I love using a stain and topping with lip balm or gloss.
Finish off your look with natural cheeks with either a light blush and or light bronzer.

Look your best!    Feel your best!    Be your best! 
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Don’t Leave Home Without Them! by Emily Boyd

We’re all tempted to carry our entire bathroom closet with us at all times, thus the need for our massive pocketbooks/purses/satchels.  But truly, you can do wonders for any unexpected occasion with three basic essentials in your bag at all times:

1. Concealer,  2. Blush,  3. Mascara.

Concealer is my best friend.  Indeed great to hide our dark circles under our eyes.  Brighten your eyes with a little highlight under your brow bone.  A sleek touch of concealer down the bridge of your nose gives you a more defined feature.  Remember to keep your face well moisturized – too much concealor will just find any tiny creases as the day wears on.

Don’t forget that concealer is not just for your face… if you’re like me, there’s usually a black-and-blue somewhere on my legs.  Touch up any spot!

Blush will give you a healthy glow, and during the day a little wisp of blush gives you that edge to face the rest of the day. A hint on your forehead, down your nose, then cheeks from the apple area right out to your hairline.   I’ve been known to add a little to the fullest part of my lips as well…. gives you a healthy, natural pout if you don’t want a gleaming lipstick look.  Just be sure to get the right shade for you.  Remember a little wisp on your decolletage and shoulders.  This keeps your all-over color consistent and less “made-up”.

Then last, but not least, Mascara.  Eyes will always look brighter and more awake with a little mascara.  Use enough to lengthen and add volume – pump it up with an extra layer for evening.  Be sure to get all your lashes – inner eye right out to the sweep of the longer, outer lashes.  Don’t overload the brush with product, however, thus you will not get clumps.   Resist using on your entire lower lashes; just a touch to the outer bottom.  Either use a lash curler or try the newer products that add a curl to your lashes for a more awake look.  Finally, remember to change your mascara frequently.  This is the biggest culprit of bacteria, so even if there’s product left in the tube, replace your mascara after about 3 months, if not before.

OK – yes you can fit a few more things in that bag, I’m sure!  But these three basics are your key to a beautiful you – anytime!

Look your best!    Feel your best!    Be your best!

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