Two-Toned, Dramatic and Neutrals

Pictures Left to Right: ArtDeco, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel

Fall 2010 Colors.

We are seeing a lot of neutrals, golds and jewel tones on the runways. This seasons makeup is full of purples, blues,
emeralds, textured golds and minimalist neutrals with dramatic lips. These looks are fun and can be very easy.
Makeup companies are making this trend easier by selling coordinating shadows in sets of 2, 3 and 4 colors.
Companies like Maybelline, Revlon and Cover Girl actually have easy to follow instructions right on the package and even the shadows
themselves. Lorielle’s  HIP collection has a great variety of this seasons brights easily available in drugstores.

If you don’t want to start with bright shadows, start with a liner just to get the feel of a color. You can line your eyes with shadow or
with eyeliner. To line your eyes with an eyeshadow, simply use your eyeliner brush and smudge above lash line. The more you get used to a color you can play with it
going from day to dramatic night looks.

These colors are great on your nails too! These are from M.A.C Cosmetics

Don’t Under Estimate Your Brows! by Emily Boyd

Don’t underestimate your brows.

Emily Boyd, Emily Boyd Makeup, Makeup Artist, Make up tips, enhance your eyebrows, makeup for eyebrows, shaping your eyebrows, eyebrow powder, brow powderTo pull off a lot of dramatic looks, its important to have your face correctly balanced by your eyebrows. They naturally frame your eyes and just as important as every other makeup step. Plucking, trimming and waxing can be overwhelming. If you’re uncomfortable with finding your shape, get them professionally done. After that, you will be able to maintain your look easily by plucking and slight trimming if necessary.

Make up tips, enhance your eyebrows, makeup for eyebrows, shaping your eyebrows, eyebrow powder, brow powder

A Classic Beauty

You don’t want your brows to be too thin, sparse or look drawn in. I use brow powders and brushes for my every day looks. Get a color close to your hair color but a little lighter. Use an angled brow brush. A little at a time fill in your brows starting in the middle and working your way out. Don’t go outside your natural brow line. They may look a little dark without your eyemakeup completed. Finish your look before correcting at the end. If they still look too severe simply use a brow brush and gently sweep over them until they are toned down. If you accidentally brush outside your browline, correct with a dampened makeup sponge.

Just like a bad hair day, your brows can sometimes be unruly. To quickly and easily correct, try a brow gel. Its like mascara, but clear and for your brows. Use lightly over your brows.

A brow filled in versus a natural brow. Bold eyes need to be balanced and framed by a bold brow.

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