Custom Spray Tanning in Vermont!

I have blotch paranoia. For wedding and bikini season, I wanted to be tan without heading to the beach or a tanning booth. Also with my wintery ivory skin, I was hesitant to step right into mystic tan. My dress was a backless halter and the last thing I needed was a prominent armpit blotch.

I googled “spray tan Vermont” and the very first one was Northern Lights Tanning which is right down the road (right down the road in Vermont is about 30 minutes).

I emailed Cathy and she responded very quickly. I wanted to try an application before my event to see how my skin would react. I advise this for anyone as everyone’s skin reacts differently. This goes with anything you’re applying to your skin. 24 hours before the tan, I exfoliated with St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The morning of the tan, I shaved my legs. Don’t put any lotion or makeup on!

The spray takes minutes and then add in some drying time in front of a fan. Wear loose fitting dark clothing and let the tan set for 4-6 hours before showering. Make sure you moisturize to make your tan last! The spray usually lasts about a week. I use Ocean Potion Ever Glow. It’s a light aloe moisturizer with a gradual tan.

If you live in upstate Vermont, check out Cathy’s website at Cathy has over 12 years of experience in spray tanning. She offers tanning out of her home if you live farther than 10 miles or she can come right to you with her mobile spray tanning system.

Here are some before and after pictures of two different applications:

Day 3 of first tan

A friend’s wedding with my husband Ryan as the Best Man. And the dress! Day 2 tan.

 2 weeks prior to tan


We all know the damaging effects of the sun. Somehow we still end up forgetting sunscreen outside and tanning salons still have great business. I admit to getting a bulb tan myself once or twice. I’m not proud, but something about a healthy glow makes you feel and look better.

You can get a great tan without crisping yourself. Self tanning and spray tanning work great and I highly recommend both.

Its hard to wait and notice gradual tanning and a self tanner might seem too daunting for a first timer. If you’re like me and too scared of looking like a clown fish, I think a spray tan is 100% worth it regardless of the seemingly high price.

Look up local tanning salons and compare prices. A lot of salons have specials for first time customers and monthly specials on spray tans. Also sign up for email alerts to get coupons and specials.

After you get the initial color you can maintain it with a gradual self tanning lotion. I, and many others, love Jergens Natural Glow.

Be safe in the sun! Always wear sunscreen!